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Groups speak out against guns on college campuses


What do you think?

Now, some lawmakers that would allow firearms onto campuses. House Bill 859 would allow weapons in buildings owned or leased by public postsecondary education. It would not apply to buildings used for sporting events or student housing, including fraternity and sorority houses.

A student:

Proponents of the law have held firm that none of these reasons mean more than upholding the rights of Georgians, namely Second Amendment rights. They view it as a natural extension of that Guns Everywhere bill from two years ago.

ATLANTA – Several groups joined together Monday to speak out against proposed legislation that would allow guns onto Georgia college campuses.

A state senator:

The Rev. Dr. Gary Charles, pastor of Central Presbyterian Church closed with, “Our law enforcement on our universities are saying, ‘No, we don’t want campus carry. So who is for it? It’s three simple letters: N – R – A.”

“We hold the majority view that we don’t want guns on campuses,” said Sen. Nan Orrock.

A rabbi:

Other speakers included a

The tale non-fiction class was judged by Deborah Grosvenor, who has more than 25 eld receive in the hold publishing job as an performer and editor.   The 2014 “Guns Everywhere” bill has allowed firearms in a variety of locations in Georgia, from restaurants and bars to most public spaces. It originally included a provision that would have allowed guns on campus, but that aspect was eventually removed.

“It is a step toward a more violent, more dangerous society – a society that disregards human life,” said The Temple Rabbi Peter Berg.

They denounced

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the bills as morally flawed, against the majority of Georgians, and expensive for schools and taxpayers. Among the speakers, Agnes Scott College Police Chief Henry Hope.

“This is not free,” Emory University law professor Dr. Frank Randall said. “It is going to be expensive.”

On Monday, representatives from GunSense Georgia Coalition, the Campaign to Keep Guns Off Campus and Outcry, Interfaith Voices Against Gun Violence met at Central Presbyterian Church in Atlanta to voice concerns with the bills.

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