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Escape To The Vegas Cinco De Mayo Party You Deserve!


Do you live in a state that celebrate Cinco De Mayo or a mid-Spring Fiesta celebration? If so, you’ve probably attended all sorts of festivities, year after year. This could also mean that you’ve got the schedule of festival events down pat inside your mind.
Let’s see…you already know that you’ll need to get to the event location probably hours before everyone starts to arrive, if you want to find a good parking spot. You’ve probably already considered the fact that you’ve got to show up to the event a lot earlier than you’d like to, in order to avoid annoying crowds.

Of course, this could mean that in order to avoid those annoying crowds, you’ll arrive just as the over-priced food vendors are heating up their stoves and their cooking oil. This means that you’ll be driven into a hunger-induced frenzy but you won’t be able to eat the over-priced snack food, since the food will still be in the process of being cooked!

And forget about enjoying any of the entertainment acts. You can’t party with the headliner band if you arrive at the event venue too early. Iif you really want to see the event headliner, you’ll have to be prepared to hang out for hours and hours around annoying crowds or be prepared to show up at the event venue late. But this will mean that you probably won’t find a decent parking space and you might have to walk for blocks, possibly miles to get to the event.

Oh yeah, by the time that you arrive at the event venue, many of the over-priced food vendors will have sold out of food. Or, the food will taste stale or burned after being fried in over-cooked, non-recycled grease. You’ll be stuck with filling up on watery, ¬†over-priced drinks and if you’re lucky, you might be able to eat some fresh fruit that the flies have landed upon.

Wow, doesn’t this sound like the type of Fiesta or Cinco de Mayo celebration that you should look forward to, year after year?

If the thought of all of this makes you want take the nearest plane out of town, you’re on the right track! You can easily book a flight into Vegas and allow the Party Las Vegas team to hook you up with a fitting itinerary of Cinco de Mayo events. For example, you can eat at world-class restaurants that are overseen by chefs who knock themselves out for your culinary benefit. You can also enjoy an appropriate party at one of the many Cinco de Mayo event venues in Vegas.

We can hook you up with show tickets,and if you’re a party warrior, we’ve got featuring entertainment from some of the world’s most renowned DJs. Best of all, you won’t have to deal with annoying festival crowds or flies on your food when you treat yourself to a Vegas-style Fiesta/Cinco de Mayo celebration!

Question: Is there really a comparison between the usual spring festivities in your area and what you’d be missing out on here for Vegas Cinco de Mayo 2014? Leave us a message
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